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ISOnet Products for Agents and MGAs

With ISOnet delivery, agents and MGAs get real-time access to the critical ISO information you need to process your business more efficiently. With its advanced, user-friendly search, navigation and built-in hypertext linking features, ISOnet puts a huge collection of ISO information just a click away with easy Internet access. Here's a sampling of what you can access:

ALERT™ (AIR Loss Estimates in Real Time)

ALERT™ (AIR Loss Estimates in Real Time)

  • ALERT™ an online service providing up-to-date information and loss estimates for major natural catastrophes, which is only available to participating insurance companies and MGA's. ALERT has information on hurricanes, major earthquakes, extra tropical cyclones and significant perils for many regions of the world. Detailed event information can be downloaded for further analysis in AIR software applications.

  • Hurricane event information is provided up to 48 hours before projected land fall. Hundreds of potential storm scenarios are simulated using a range of possible storm tracks, wind, speeds, and other intensity variables.

  • Earthquake information is provided within hours of the event. For modeled countries, AIR seismologists begin running simulations using available information on magnitude, focal depth and, if the ruptured fault has been identified, rapture mechanism, fault length, and dip angle. AIR seismologists continue to run simulations and post updated loss estimates as additional information comes in from around the world.

  • Tropical and extra tropical Cyclone information provides loss information for tropical cyclones impacting the U.S., the Caribbean, and the Asia-Pacific region. Furthermore, ALERT has information on extra tropical cyclones in Europe, and over 25 countries modeled by AIR Worldwide.
Automated Symbols Lookup

Automated Symbols Lookup

ISO's Automated Symbols Lookup, our electronic version of the Personal Auto Symbols manual, allows quick and accurate identification of a specific automobile's current ISO physical damage, liability, and PIP/medical payments rating symbols.

With Automated Symbols Lookup, you'll:

  • search for symbols by either VIN or year, make, and model for foreign and domestic private passenger autos
  • get up-to-date results for physical damage, liability, and PIP/medical payment symbols
  • expedite the process of looking up symbols without scrolling through pages of data
  • access information on safety equipment — returned with symbol results — that may make the vehicle eligible for discounts under the standard ISO program
Commercial Lines Manual Information

Commercial Lines Manual Information

  • ISOnet contains current commercial lines manual information, as well as historical information in effect as of 1994.
  • An integrated State Insurance Manual (SIM) is available for each ISO line of business and jurisdiction and includes the applicable multistate rules, state exceptions, loss costs, policy forms and endorsements.
  • Related publications such as Rating Plans, the ISO Classification Table, ISO Inland Marine Handbook are also available.
  • Each CLM integrated manual contains "Profile" information for rules, loss costs and forms. For current information, we provide links to Notice to Manualholders (NTMs).
  • The CLM offers cross-manual links where applicable, so you don't need to open separate manuals each time you need to review a related Line of Business manual.


LOCATION provides accurate, geographic-based underwriting and rating information for specific properties anywhere in the United States. LOCATION contains address-specific information on public fire protection classifications (PPC™), crime, premium tax, FireLine™, Natural Catastrophe, California brush fire, California earthquake zone, distance to coast and major body of water, windpool eligibility, and ISO territory.


ISO's SPI database contains loss costs and other vital information on approximately 3 million specific-rated and class-rated buildings. The system also delivers information on over 5 million individual businesses occupying those buildings.

Using the ISOnet web interface, you have access to:

  • Loss costs on specific-rated and class-rated properties — with RCP (Rating Plan/Construction/Protection) codes, BGII symbols, and Commercial Statistical Plan (CSP) occupancy codes.
  • On-line ordering capability for On-Site Surveys (AFS) — for specific-rated buildings.
  • Building replacement-cost estimates — provides the cost to replace the property if destroyed.
  • Estimated Loss Costs— for buildings or occupants not in the SPI database.
  • Building Underwriting Reports (BUR) — with information on the characteristics of individual buildings and Relative Hazard Gradings that let you compare your risk against the average profile of similar structures in ISO's state and countrywide databases.
  • Photos and diagrams of commercial buildings at no extra charge when you order a BUR or Survey Detail Report.
  • LOCATION — provides accurate, geographic-based underwriting and rating information for specific properties anywhere in the United States.
  • Experian business financial reports— business credit, financial, and public-records information.
  • ASGR(Automated Sprinkler Grading Report) — information on water supply, system components, testing history, and nonstandard building conditions.
  • PML/MFL(Probable Maximum Loss Report/Maximum Foreseeable Loss Report) — The PML report gives you the maximum expected loss, expressed as a percentage of the building's value, when critical protection systems are functioning as expected. MFL provides the largest fire loss likely to occur when a key loss-reduction system fails.
  • ISO Score — provides an automated, intelligent, and low cost system for scoring small commercial risks.
  • Specific rates for properties in the independent bureau states of Idaho and Washington.
    NOTE: Specific property rates for Louisiana and Mississippi are available directly from those Independent Bureaus' web sites:
    • Click here to access the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana (PIAL) web site
    • Click here to access the Mississippi State Rating Bureau (MSRB) web site
Print Ready Manuals Information

Print Ready Manuals Information

ISO Commercial and Personal Lines complete manuals and revisions for rules, loss costs, and forms, delivered in the same format as ISO's printed manual pages.
  • Two Search Options are provided including:
    • Current Complete Commercial and Personal Lines Manuals.
    • Repository of Current Manuals, Previous Manuals, and Manual Revisions which contains:
      • Commercial Lines - current and at least one prior revision, if available.
      • Personal Lines - historical information as of May 1, 2000.
  • Related publications such as, Rating Plans, Premium Modification Plans, Auto Symbols and the ISO Inland Marine Handbook.
  • Manuals are viewable online and downloadable in a PDF format or Word format.
  • Customers can sign up for the Print Ready Manual Alert Service to receive e-mails on the latest updates.
Policy Forms

Policy Forms

The ISOnet forms database contains all ISO Commercial Lines and Personal Lines policy forms that were in effect (based on ISO filings) on or after January 1, 1994. More than 9,000 personal and commercial policy forms and endorsements are available online through the Policy Forms library. Forms can be downloaded in PDF and Word format. The Forms library is updated daily. Customers can sign up for the Forms Alert to receive e-mails on the latest form updates.

PolicyWriting Support Forms

PolicyWriting Support Forms

ISO's collection of PolicyWriting Support Forms and rules help you satisfy legal requirements and administer your insurance programs. The forms include:

  • cancellation/nonrenewal notices
  • lost-policy releases
  • motor carrier/financial responsibility forms and ID cards
  • certificates of insurance
  • UM/UIM/PIP selection/rejection forms
  • claim forms
  • first reports of injury
  • loss notices
  • privacy notices
  • applications
  • fraud warnings

We produce the PolicyWriting Support Forms in language and formatting consistent with ISO standards. And, of course, we use our established legislative and regulatory monitoring procedures and our unparalleled drafting expertise to make sure the Support Forms are always up to date. We will file forms with state insurance departments only as required by law or regulation.

The new forms are available as part of your forms participation, by line of business and jurisdiction. Forms that apply to more than one line will be available as Interline forms.

If you don't subscribe to the ISOnet Forms Library, simply call Verisk Customer Support (US) at 1-800-888-4476 or ISO (International) at 800 48977489 for an order blank. Once we receive your order, and we will arrange for access to our PolicyWriting Support Forms so that you may download PolicyWriting Support Forms for the lines for which you participate.



Whether you're a premium auditor, an underwriter, an agent, or a broker, ISO's Premium Audit Advisory Service (PAAS™) is your source of technical information and training related to commercial casualty issues. PAAS information helps you properly classify exposures for general liability, commercial auto, and workers compensation. PAAS offers a wide range of essential services, including more than 40,000 classification guides and more than 500 bulletins. You get these valuable services:

  • PAAS Workers Compensation and General Liability Classification Guides feature detailed descriptions of all state-specific and national classifications, as well as cross-references to general liability, workers compensation, SIC, and NAICS codes.
  • The Rating Information section gives you up-to-date information on changes in payroll limitations and outstanding workers compensation rate changes. The Chart of State Exceptions provides a side-by-side view of state exceptions, bureau rules, and PAAS interpretations for workers compensation.
  • Industry Guides provide in-depth information on the classifications appropriate for each operation and suboperation associated with the covered industries.
  • InfoLinks pages contain direct links to other websites that PAAS staff has identified as particularly useful to PAAS customers.
  • Bulletins in three types (Educational, Board & Bureau, and Legislative) help you keep current on premium audit issues.
  • ISO's PAAS™ Training Manuals
    ISO's Premium Audit Advisory Service (PAAS) offers comprehensive training manuals for beginning premium auditors and reviewers. The self-contained manuals are available for workers compensation, general liability, and commercial auto.

    For many insurance companies and premium audit service companies, PAAS manuals form the core of the training program. Your new auditors and reviewers will learn about:
    • classification procedures
    • rating techniques
    • application of manual rules
    • policy forms and coverages

    To reinforce learning objectives, the manuals contain progress examinations with full explanations of the answers to all questions.

    The PAAS training manuals are for use in a classroom setting, with experienced instructors. For companies that want self-paced web-based training — and for agents and brokers — PAAS offers the Technical Achievement Program (TAP).

Query Commercial Classification Code (QC3)

Query Commercial Classification Code (QC3)

ISO's Query Commercial Classification code (QC3) is a tool utilizing cross-references

  • Workers Compensation codes to General Liability codes, including state specials
  • Workers Compensation codes to SIC and NAICS
  • General Liability codes to Workers Compensation codes, including state specials
  • General Liability codes to SIC and NAICS

  • The tool also provides

    • Workers Compensation classification phraseologies, including state specials
    • General Liability classification phraseologies, including state specials
    • Each WC/GL codes identifies the states where the code is applicable